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  1. Spiritist Society Love and Light (NJ)
  2. Blossom Spiritist Society (C A)
  3. Spiritist Medical Association - US


In 2007, 13 Spiritist Centers sponsored the First Spiritist U.S. Spiritist Symposium. Due to its success, in 2008 this number increased to 24 Spiritist Centers. And more organizations are welcome to join us in these moments of fraternity, strength and joy.



Purposes of the U.S. 
Spiritist  Symposia: 

1- To promote the English speaking Spiritist movement.To strengthen and value the efforts of all Spiritist centers that promote Spiritism in the English language.

2- To propel unity among the Spiritist centers in the USA while giving each other the needed support in all matters regarding the dissemination of Spiritism in the English language.

3- To boost the regional and local English speaking Spiritist movement where the symposia shall take place.

4- To provide common grounds for the exchange of ideas and insights concerning the dissemination of Spiritism.





2007 - April 14

1st U.S. Spiritist Symposium Baltimore, MD (see highlights)

2008 - April 19

2nd U.S. Spiritist Symposium New York, NY

2009 - April 18

3rd U.S. Spiritist Symposium - BOSTON, MA

2010 - April 17

4th U.S. Spiritist Symposium - FLORIDA

2011 - April 16

5th U.S. Spiritist Symposium - CALIFORNIA

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