About the Symposia

The sole purpose of the Spiritist Symposia is to promote the English speaking Spiritist movement; to strengthen and value the efforts of all Spiritist centers that promote Spiritism in the English language.

To propel unity among the Spiritist centers in the USA while giving each other the needed support in all matters regarding the dissemination of Spiritism in the English language.

To boost the regional and local English speaking Spiritist movement where the symposia shall take place.

To provide common grounds for the exchange of ideas and insights concerning the dissemination of Spiritism.
P  O  S  T  E  R  S
spiritist teachings
Main principles of Spiritism:
1) Existence of God
2) Immortality of the Soul
3) Reincarnation
4) Multitude of the Inhabited Planets
5) Communicability of the Spirits

The Basic Books of Spiritism:
6) The Spirits' Book
7) The Mediums' Book
8) The Gospel According to Spiritism
9) Heaven and Hell

The Spiritist Therapeutics:
11) The Therapy of Passes
12) Spiritually magnetized water
13) Obsession & Disobsession
14) Prayer
15) Intelligent Sleep
16) Fraternal Counseling
17) God at Home
18) Spirituality for Children and Youth
19) The therapeutics of Charity
20) Inner Transformation