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4th US Spiritist Symposium
Mediumship: A Bridge Between Two Worlds will offer the following Youth Program:

-   Children's Program (2nd-5th grades)

This program is elaborated around one of the pillars of Spiritism. For one day, children will discover the basic principles of mediumship  through the eyes of Science. The young scientists will explore the invisible world of vibrations that surround all of us, and enjoy a field trip to the Museum Of Science (near the venue of the symposium).

-  Teenager's Program ( 6th-12th grades)

This program is focused on the aspects of mediumship that affects their lives in a daily basis and the history of some mediums from the early times of Spiritism till our days. The teenagers will also have the opportunity to interact with the main program of the symposium.

For more information or questions, please contact Bernadete Leal (Youth Program coordinator)  at yse@spiritist.us

-  Children: $10 (Visit to Science Museum and snacks. Museum is right accross street to the venue)
- Tennagers: $5 (Snacks)
"A spirit is more impressionable during
childhood, when the impressions it
receives more easily mold its personality
and therefore its progress."

- The Spirits' Book
by Allan Kardec, q. 383