Tom Cratsley, B.S.

Tom Cratsley is a former director of the Lily Dale assembly, healing medium, and Spiritualist teacher. Tom has developed innovative methods for healing which achieve consistent results. His ability to combine the gifts of left and right brain abilities for healing have inspired his students for many years.

Tom's joyful approach opens the hearts of all who work with him. Tom's education includes a B.S. from University of Buffalo. He has also studied psychology and religion at Harvard Divinity School. He has traveled extensively for over 37 years, teaching and healing throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In 2006, Mr. Cratsley helped to organize the First Spiritist Weekend in Lily Dale, NY, sponsored by the Lily Dale Assembly. It counted on the presence of the renowned medium Divaldo P. Franco, who received a psychophonic message from the Spirit Dr. Bezerra de Menzes.

A recent interview with Tom Cratsley can be found at The Spiritist Magazine, issue Oct-Dec-2009.
"The world needs spiritual collaboration more than ever and I think we would all benefit from whatever we would engage in together ..."
- Tom Cratsley (in TSM)
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