Inspired in the academic model, you will find below the 24 posters presented at the U.S. Spiritist Symposium. You may get a copy of them in pdf version by click on the picuture. If you would like to have a high resolution for printing (original size 30 x 40 inches),
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 Existence of God            
 Immortality of the Soul
Multitude of the Inhabited Planets
Communicability of the Spirits
Main principles of Spiritism:
The Basic Books of Spiritism:
The Spiritist Therapeutics:
Heaven and Hell            
The Gospel A. to Spiritism     
Inner Transformation          
 The Spirits' Book           
Spiritism for Children
 Spiritually Magnetized Water
Fraternal Counseling
The Therapy of Passes
Obsession and Disobsession
The Therapeutics of Charity
 Intelligent Sleep            
God at Home   
The Mediums' Book          
An effort to bring Spiritism to America
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Haunted Places
Difficulties and Dangers Mediumship