The 11th U.S. Spiritist Symposium would not be possible to happen if were not by the sponsorship of many Spiritist organization throughout the United States. Please take your time to find one closer to you.

  1. Allan Kardec Spiritist Center of Danbury (CT)
  2. Allan Kardec Fellowship Society of San Diego (CA)
  3. Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Maryland (MD)
  4. Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Massachusetts (MA)
  5. Allan Kardec Spiritist Center of New York (NY)
  6. Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Peabody (MA)
  7. Conscious Living Spiritist Group (FL)
  8. Edicei of America (USA)
  9. Group of Hope Joanna De Angelis (CA)
  10. Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society (NY)
  11. Joanna De Angelis Spiritist Society (CA)
  12. Kardec Radio
  13. Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin Texas (TX)
  14. Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston (TX)
  15. Kardecian Spiritist Federation of Florida (FL)
  16. Nosso Lar Spiritist Society (CA)
  17. Peace And Knowledge Spiritist Center of Orlando (FL)
  18. Spiritist Center Divine Light (NJ)
  19. Spiritist Center Love and Charity (FL)
  20. Spiritist Group Love and Light (NJ)
  21. Spiritist Group of New York (NY)
  22. Spiritist Group of Washington (DC)
  23. Spiritist Society of Baltimore (MD)
  24. Spiritist Society of Bridgeport (CT)
  25. Spiritist Society of Chicago (IL)
  26. Spiritist Society of Dallas (TX)
  27. Spiritist Society of North Beach (MD)
  28. Spiritist Society of Palm Beach (FL)
  29. Spiritist Society of San Diego (CA)
  30. Spiritist Society of the Carolinas
  31. Spiritist Society of Virginia (VA)
  32. Spiritist Support for Parents
  33. Tampa Bay Spiritist Center Andre Luiz (FL)
  34. TriState Spiritist Federation
  35. The Spiritist Magazine
  36. United States Spiritist Medical Association (U.S.SMA)